Exhibition Announcement

Hello beloved friends and supporters of my artwork!

This post greets you to announce that the Studios of Key West Members’ Exhibition, Look Upwards, To the Sky, will show my most recent work.
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.33.24 PM.png
The show opens Thurs. Dec. 6, 6-8p, and it will run through Dec. 27th at the Studios of Key West Gallery spaces.
The piece the show will display comes from my mission photo archive, and a series of photos I took of each of my ten companions. It reflects on the colonial nature of the Latter-day Saint missionary program, our unique personalities despite the machine, and what friendship and good did come about from our service.

I am grateful for everyone’s willing participation and enthusiasm for this project. Moreover, I am grateful for each of my companions’ willingness to let me use their images to entertain critical post-colonial thought about our faith that is so precious to us. That is not something I take lightly.

I will post exhibition images on this blog of the piece in the coming week.
Lots of appreciation,
Sophia Mason

Breaking News!


(Blurry photo of me holding two posters and images of my upcoming work behind me)

(haltarsan zurag- Bi “poster”-tai, bas minii idehui urag urlag nadad ard tald baina)

You wouldn’t think I was gonna be billing myself as a photographer next month from the quality of THAT gem of a photo, now would you? Ha ha. These posters are a good omen that they will appear at the member show at The Studios of Key West show, Look Upwards, to the Sky, Dec. 6-27, 2018.

Bi uneheer operatnii zuragch baina uu? xexe imerhvv zurag ikh haltarsan baisan. Ene hoer “posters” 2018, 12-p 6-27, “The Studios of Key West” (Urlagchiin Klub) deer vzvvlugdene. Ene consert “Desh ee hararai, Tengeriin zvd” gedeg. Manai sain naiz, Sarangua, tvvnii zurag tend vzuulne.

I’m excited. This show will fulfill one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Everyone has been supportive and excited to see how the pictures turn out, so I am grateful for the participants’ permission to use their images. Stay tuned for more writing on what the pieces ARE, and what they are about.

love, Sophia

Nadad jargal bn. Herew ene show sain bolwol, 2018 jiliin zorilgodoo hvrene. Olon hvmvvs nadad demjij baisan. Bi byx oroltsogchooded mash ikh bayrlaj baina, ted nadad zuwshurul (zurag xereglexiin tul nadad ugsun) usgsun. Imerhvv zuraguud vzehiin tul, tailbrah unshahiin tul, sain baij baigarai.

Haertai shvv, Meison

Another apology


I’m putting this off because it’s harder than I thought. But here it is.

I am not actually getting married. It was a nice thought, but it was re-thought. I’d love to pick this experience apart in writing for y’all because social media is a dimension to relationships I hadn’t even thought about, and one that I’d like to quell and satisfy. But if I can’t pick it apart in person in speech for the person most closely involved, it’s not fair to do it in writing publicly.

Sain uu?

Bi umnu ni ene messaj bichih hvssen, harin aimar hetsvv bolson. Harin, odoo bichij baina.

Bi gerlehgui. Goë sanaa baisan, harin sanaagaa dahiad bodogdson. Herew bi eniig tailbrah chadah yom bol, hiine shvv. Gehdee, bi tvvnd tailbraj chadahgui, uchraas ta nard turshlaga tailbrahgui.

I am working on a commission, the photo series, and some little comics.

Bi sister Battorffaas urlagiin projekt avaad, heweree nomlogchiin fotos heregjulij baina, tegeed jijig komik hiij baina. Instagram deer vzeej baina bas: @sophiamasonart



Look for more comics soon on my instagram @sophiamasonart.

Also, I should have the comic, Those Who Wear The Tights, that I was drawing earlier this summer published next month the the Bad Dog Comics Anthology next month.

Minii superhero komik (Bari Umd Umsej Baina Hvmvvs) daraagiin sar Bad Dog Comics-d niitlvvlene.

Okay. well. looks like I’ve managed to get past that much. Just takin it one day at a time like everyone else otherwise. Thanks for all the love and support as always.



Apologies II

Hello friends! Sain uu naiznar!

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 7.38.15 AM.png

Much good news. 1) I turned in my 8 page comic, “Those Who Wear Wear the Tights” for inclusion in Bad Dog Comics Anthology in October.  Check out the publishing company here: Bad Dog Publishing  It turned out better than I expected, and there was a lot of growth in the process. All around a good experience.

Olon medee. 1. Minii 8 huudas comic “bariu ums umsaj baisan hvmvvs”, 8-p sard Bad Dog Comics nom deer baih bolno. Tedneriin FB huudas vvzej bolno: Bad Dog Publishing  Ter minii umnu bodloloos sain bolson. durslahiin chanar ucuj hugjuulsen. Sain turshlag baisan aa.

2) I received notice from the Crosstown Arts Residency! I did NOT receive a residency or 2019, BUT for only my second time applying my application received high praise and I’ve been put on a “late notice” list if anyone drops out of the session they have accepted! I cannot praise How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist  by Caroll Michels and Art/Work By Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber enough. They helped me get through residency applications the first time, and after following Michel’s guidance thoroughly on my artist’s CV, I KNOW there has been a big improvement. The pictures are some teasers for a photo series I’ve been working on that I submitted as part of my application.

Artist residency (Urlagiin uruu bas tsag chim uu) awaagui. Harin ted minii application ikh sain baisan ge ne. Herew urlagch irej chadahgui baiwal, nadad zaalgana ge ne. uchraas, amjiltei baina! ikh happy 🙂

3) I saw some art, Side Projects at the Studios of Key West.  The Apologies ii performance (Erin Rehburg, Cricket Desmarais, and Tiffany Melpot) piece certainly drew the audience. The piece certainly made the viewers’ role as participants very clear, and the meaning came across well. I think the piece’s conversation around too frequent “I’m sorry’s” to soften and too rare “I’m sorry’s” full of meaning did ground the multimedia show in Key West. I have actually contemplated that issue since being down here, possibly because locals remind me not to be sorry when I use it as a softener. The video piece wasn’t half-hearted, but seemed a bit trite. The fiber installation (Kari Kraus) did not live up to it’s statement, but there was a lot that intrigued me in the statement that I hope the artist will connect earlier in her writing and pieces for the audiences! There was some compelling rap too.

Urlag bas harsan. Gaigui baisan. xexexexe.

Ok, love you all- I’ll post more soon.

Many Friends

Hello, my many friends!

Sain uu, olon naiz mine!

Do you want to know what I am actually doing full time besides goofing off and making art? I am “framing” and “shipping”, so building frames for photos, and then ship the photographs. Sometimes the art work is bigger than me! And often it’s very expensive. I’m doing pretty well at it, and, what I enjoy best, I am very helpful to everyone I work with. Here are some pictures of stuff I’ve done at work:

Ta nar “Bi uu hiij baina we?” medeh hvseltei uu?Bi urlagiin jaaz baiguuldag, bas ilgeemj yawuuldag. Zarimda eniig ilgeemj nadaas tom baina, mon ih vnetei! Bi ajilaagaa sain hiideg, bas, nadad hamgiin chuhaalt, ajilchiniig tusaaldag. Bi ajol deer ene yom hiisen-zurag haraarai:

I put all of these together mah-sefff. Bi ene yomiig uruu hiisen shvv:

I got great things in the mail this week too: Bi ilgeemj awsan bas:


I am not a resident of Florida, so I will be voting absentee in Memphis in local elections, and for federal positions in November (Oct. 30, 2018 is the deadline for absentee ballots to be postmarked for the FEDERAL and STATE general elections on Nov. 6, 2018 y’all). [Ene bolbol minii sanaliin huudas. Amerikchuud 11 dugeer sar alban tushaaltanuud songoj bolno]. Bi Florida aimagiin hvn bish, uchraas bi Tennessee aimagiin hvmvvs songoj bolno. sanal huudas dahiad yawuulah ëstoi. Tegeed 10p sariin 30, 2018 minii huudas awaagdah heregtei (oilgoj bn uu?). Hotod deer hvmvvs 11p 6nd, 2018 canal ugnu.

Vote with me 🙂 Nadtai hamt sanal uguurei!


But, more importantly, I received THIS:

umnees chuhaalt, ENIIG awsan:

The three albums my mother painstakingly created with the ephemera from my mission that I sent home (no, I do not know the word ephemera in Mongolian. I will use the word “things” probably. That word I do know). These albums are pretty sweet. Dang, my family is pretty creative. On that note, Nomin, who was SO nice to me, and taught me so much Mongolian, starts her mission TODAY! Every other mission in the world is unfortunate to NOT have her- she will kick butt in the Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar mission.

Minii eej ger lvv yawuulsan yomuudiig teweed, guraw goë album baiguulsan. [heh heh heh angilaar “ephemera” vg heregleesen ene bol “yom shig” gehdee “fancy word”. Mongoloor ni eniig vg medehguiiii]. Ger bvlee bvteelch baina aa. sanaj baina, Nomin, nadad ih saihan setgeltei baisna hvn, nadad Mongol hel zaasan, ter unuudur nomlol ehleej baina! Bvkh uur nomlol azgui bn, zuger l Mongol nomlol Nomin awdag- Ter ikh sain ajil Mongol, Ulaanbaatar deer hiine.



Bas (Baaaaaaas bish ee xexexexexe):


I got my comic pages pencilled and printed in ‘non-photo blue” so I can ink them, and then scan them in again and the computer will ignore the blue underneath the ink.

Comic harandaagaar duusaad, computereer khukh ungutei bolson. Bi balaar dahiad comic hiigeed, tegeed computer khukh ungu harahgui. tegeed duusan.

Ta ta for now!

Daraa uulziya!




Here’s an experiment in mixing art and life.

unedited comic3 intros_small

[In this comic: It opens with me waving, and saying,”Hey!”. Then I stand and call out for someone to come make an introduction. A guy with glasses leans into the frame, and introduces himself, saying, “Hi, I’m Ricardo.” He sits in the next panel and says, “I’m a freemason, I emigrated from Cuba with my parents legally when I was eight years old,” in the next panel he turns to face the reader and continues with, “I joined the church last year,” and has his arm around me. In the next panel he says, “And I am a Vivint home security summer salesperson.” My eyes are closed and I smirk. In the next panel we both laugh and he shakes his hands denying it and says, “Just kidding!” and I mutter, “Somebody’s been reading #provoguysamiright again…” In the last panel, He points at me and says, “But I do want to flip houses.” I look at him and say, “Well, there you have it.”]


[Ene comic eniig heldeg: Ekhleeheer Bi suugaad, “Sain uu?/ Hey!” heldeg. Tegeed bi bosood, neg hvnd, “Chi uuriiguu tedend taniltsuulaarai,” heldeg. Daraagiin durvuljin, neg eregtei hvn durvuljnd ungiid, Sain uu, namaig Ricardo geddeg,” gej ter heldeg. Daraagiin ter nadtai hamt suugaad, “Bi “freemason” hvn baina*, naim nastai baikhdaa aab eej hoertoi Bi Cubaagaas Americruu huuliin vndsen deer nvvsen,” gej heldeg. Daraagiin durvuljin ter “Bi ungursiin jil svmiin gishvvn bolson,” gej heldeg. Tegeed ter, “Bi bas zuuniin tyrsh hudaldaachin baina**,” gej heldeg. Tegeed ter, “Togloo see!” hiisen! Bi, “Ter #provoguysamiright instagram unshaj baigaa…” heldeg. Hamgiin tsvliin ter, “Harin bi bashin zarah hvsdeg” gej heldeg. Bi, “Za, ta nar oddo tynd tanitsuulsen,” gej helsen. 🙂 Ene bolbol minii naiz zaluu, Ricardo.]